Colloidal Oats Moisturizing Body Scrub


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Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin with this nourishing body sugar scrub! Ideal for dry or sensitive skin, our formula features deep penetrating colloidal oats and sunflower oil. Our GMO-free oats gently exfoliate dead cells, replenish moisture and brighten skin tone. Sunflower oil is considered one of the most powerful and nutrient-dense emollients. It deeply nourishes skin tissue, cleanses pores, and leaves a lingering radiant glow. Scented with essential oil of orange, this scrub has a zesty citrus aroma that will keep you feeling fresh, clean, and beautiful all day long!

Pure, fresh, and vegan—this body scrub is formulated without preservatives, detergents, synthetic fragrances, or dyes. It is cruelty-free and made in the USA. Apply this botanical blend every day for radiant and smooth healthy skin!

Free of preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), detergents, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, gluten, and cruelty


sugar Sugar, a natural exfoliant, removes dry, flaky skin, brightens skin tone, and retains moisture for lasting hydration.
safflower Safflower oil is fast absorbing and very moisturizing. It helps improve skin tone and texture by sealing in moisture. It is suitable for all skin types, by preventing dryness and balancing oily skin.
(carthamus tinctorium) oil*,
sunflower Sunflower seed oil is filled with vitamins A, B, D, and E, lecithin, and unsaturated fatty acids. It is lightweight and acts as a natural emollient as it deeply nourishes and conditions all types of skin.
seed (helianthus annuus) oil*,
vegetable glycerin, Vegetable glycerin, is a natural humectant and a nutrient-dense plant-based substance that is easily absorbed into the skin for effective moisture retention.
colloidal oatColloidal oats contain a wide variety of nourishing proteins and minerals. Perfect for sensitive skin, they replenish moisture, gently exfoliate dead cells, absorb dirt and excess oils.
(avena sativa)*,
coconut fruit Coconut fruit soothes and relaxes cell tissue to calm stressed skin, relieve dryness, and revitalize the complexion.
(cocos nucifera) extract*,
aspen bark Aspen bark has strong natural preservative properties.
(populus adenopoda) extract, citric acid, vitamin E (tocopherol), and
essential oil of orangeEssential oil of orange provides a fresh, zesty aroma.


Suitable for all skin types.

Give the product a good stir. Scoop out a little with your dry hands or a small spoon. Massage onto wet skin until smooth. Rinse off with warm water. Towel dry. Your skin will feel super clean and super soft. Follow with one of our whipped body butters. Use every day.

WARNING: Our body scrubs are oil-based. Use caution and rinse your shower well to avoid slipping in the shower.

STORAGE: Do not store in the shower. Keep water from getting into the jar (our scrubs are waterless). All of our scrubs are free of synthetic preservatives. There are, however, ingredients with strong natural preservative and antioxidant properties in all of our scrub formulations, such as aspen bark and vitamin E.