Aromatherapy Mist - Relax


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Delight your senses with the exotic floral aroma of our Relax mist! This blend features essential oils of ylang-ylang, mint and lavender to create a blissfully fresh botanical fragrance. Spray a little of this combination on yourself for a lingering body fragrance, or spritz it in any space to create a refreshing ambiance.

Handcrafted with pure essential oils, this mist is formulated without preservatives, alcohols, synthetic fragrances or dyes. It is cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

Free of preservatives, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes and cruelty

water (aqua),
vegetable glycerin, Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant and a nutrient-dense plant-based substance that is easily absorbed into the skin for effective moisture retention.
essential oils of
ylang-ylang, Essential oil of ylang-ylang provides a bright, floral aroma.
lavender, Essential oil of lavender provides a sweet floral aroma
mint Essential oil of mint gives a refreshing and cool aroma.

Use it as body spray, car and room freshener, linen and yoga mat spray. It makes a great gift, too!